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Prodmatica is the new home for practical product skills training - launching early 2024

  • Online learning at your own pace, designed to help you put key product skills straight into practice

  • From mastering the basics to developing advanced product skills, give your career a competitive edge

  • Access both foundational training and topic-based short courses, based on your needs and budget

  • Training developed by expert product leaders with experience at the world's top tech companies

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Our topics for 2024

Foundational curriculums & power-ups launching soon

  • Product Management

    From requirements to roadmapping, we cover the core skills needed to be an effective product manager in any organisation

  • Product Discovery

    What are the skills and techniques needed to unlock great customer insights? Add an in-demand skill-set to your PM tool-box

  • Product Strategy

    How to you create a convincing plan from your MVP to an ambitious north star? Learn this leadership-critical capability from our experts

  • Product Leadership

    What do you need to jump from an individual contributor to the management path as a PM? Grab the foundational skills for success

  • Product Analytics

    Understanding and analysing product data gives you an edge in prioritisation and performance. Add a key skill to your arsenal.

  • Product Commercials

    Business and financial literacy is one of the most reported gaps many PMs have, but a key skill if you want to speak the language of the top table